Individual Psychotherapy

First responders deal with traumatic incidents on a regular basis. Unfortunately, there is no training on how to cope with the trauma, or preventative measures to learn resiliency skills. The end result is "stuffing down" emotions and taking the edge off with alcohol. The cumulative effect of this common process can lead to problems like anger, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, divorce, and suicide.

Many police officers do not know that they can receive treatment when they are suicidal, and even be voluntarily hospitalized for suicide and not lose their jobs. The exception to this is when hospitalization is NOT voluntary. Involuntary hospitalization results in losing fire arms privileges.

Our team is comprised of competent, compassionate professionals trained in treating mental health problems specific to first responders and their families. We provide cognitive behavioral therapy, as this modality in treatment has been found to be the most effective for issues like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Individual sessions are 50 minutes. We accept Worker's Compensation, credit cards, and some forms of insurance. Please call our office for more details.